Role of each Institution within this collaboration

Journal Internasional Unisba yang sudah terbit 1 issue ( Juni 2021 )

Journal Internasional Unisba

yang akan terbit selanjutnya (Juni 2022)

Logistic and Operation

Management Review


 Terbit Februari dan Agustus 2022

Coaching Clinic dengan output F1000 (Scopus Q1 )

Aims and Scope

  • The RSF gateway publishes original research, including review articles, analytical reports and case studies
  • Also publishes novel academic posters, slides, and documents (not peer reviewed).
  • The gateway publishes across all research fields, include Social Science, Economics, Business management, Humanities, Engineering, and Medical Studies.
  • Articles that have undergone the RSF’s publication preparation process via their International Conferences, Workshops, or coaching services are eligible for publication.

Pendaftaran terakhir:15 Oktober 2021 untuk semua disiplin ilmu (Economic, Business, Management, Humanities, Engineering, Medical Studies dan lainnya).

Tanggal Penting:

  • Registration for coaching and submitting draft articles: 18 Oktober 2021
  • Webinar e-coaching 1: 1 November 2021
  • Draft review process: 2-8 November 2021
  • Webinar e-coaching 2: 11 November 2021
  • Mentoring: 12-25 November 2021
  • Submission by Author to F1000Research/ other selected journals: 29 November 2021
  • Silahkan mendaftar dan submit draft artikel pada link berikut ini:
  • Seluruh calon peserta diharapkan membaca dan mempersiapkan draft paper berdasarkan GUIDELINES & TEMPLATE F1000research bisa di akses pada link dibawah ini:
  • Beberapa contoh artikel yang sudah berhasil publish di F1000research RSF Gateway (Scopus Q1) bisa diakses disini:

On going Program

(Coaching Clinic UNISBA 2)